10 Top Reasons To Take A Glamping Holiday

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  1. SOUNDS GOOD. Ever wondered what a glamping holiday is? This in vogue idea was created by taking the great outdoors and finding a way of connecting and living within it. This naturally brings you to camping but by throwing in a generous helping of glamour you end up with glamping, a luxury form of camping, which has spawned many forms of romantic, glamourous outdoor living environment all of which are under the stars and next to nature.
  2. CHOICE. Tents conjure up all sorts of images from the past not helped by the likes of “Carry on Camping” but a glamping holiday is far removed from that old film. There is a mass to choose from with pre pitched luxury eurotents, bell tents, yurts, tipis and safari tents literally popping up everywhere. Combine that with the variety of locations from lonely farms to established sites with lots of facilities you really are spoilt for choice.
  3. ROMANTIC. With fairy lights, wood burning stoves and proper double beds you can’t go wrong on the romantic front. Some of the breath taking locations with forest, coast or countryside on offer there is the opportunity to enjoy stunning sunrises or sunsets whilst out walking or cycling, or even just sitting by your tent. So romantic.
  4. MOD CONS. Many holiday providers equip their glamping accommodation with an electric supply which means your tent comes with a fridge, so no sweaty cheese or warm beers. With an electric supply you can charge mobiles, use hair straighteners and charge devices for children’s games. You probably won’t want to as you relax into your glamping experience but knowing you have an electric supply is reassuring.
  5. COMFORT. A good night’s sleep is important if not essential to most people and that is not something you would associate with camping normally, self inflating air beds turn into self deflating part way through the night and you end up sleeping on the hard ground with just a sheet of rubber between you and that stick now forcing its way into your back. Most glamping tents come with proper beds with proper mattresses so after a day of cycling, walking or lazing by your tent drinking in the fresh air you are likely to get a better night’s sleep than you would at home.
  6. FEELING SMUG. There is nothing funnier on a camp site than the late arrival or novice camper trying to put up their tent. The late arrival is there late because of some unforeseen delay on route and arrival at the site has been preceded with arguments as to who is to blame. The campers get out of the car in stony silence, with ever dimming light and attempt to put up a tent together, without any cooperation with each other, interesting. Campers are great people and will often go to the aid of a struggling tent erector – eventually. In the mean time, watch, enjoy and feel smug.
  7. SPACE. Everywhere, you are in the big outdoors and it is fantastic, the children have space to play and run around finding new friends leaving you with the space to enjoy time without them around you, happy in the knowledge they are having the time of their lives. Space in the car for all the things you would not normally be able to take on a camping trip once the car had been filled with tent, cooker, cooking equipment, tables chairs and those all important self inflating/deflating air beds. Now where was that wine!
  8. STARRY NIGHTS. Sitting outside your tent after a sunny summer’s day is perfect. Many campsites allow camp fires which makes for an idyllic end to your day, but whether you have a fire or not the beautiful clear, starry nights (especially in Norfolk and Suffolk who are renowned for their big open skies) are not to be missed. If you get a good star gazing night you could find yourself lying on the ground staring upwards in amazement. You will also realise how little you know of the constellations and could well find the need to buy a book to go constellation naming.
  9. SOCIABLE. Campsites are fun and friendly. They are great places to organise a family holiday, with many sites offering a variety of accommodation types so the whole group can find the accommodation to suit them. Organise a glamping weekend break with friends and you turn up on a Friday evening after work and you have nothing more to do than enjoy yourselves. Very easy and civilised.
  10. COOL. Camping is in and family, friends and workmates enjoy and spend time talking about their great weekends away. Normally you can’t join in but now you can, whether you holiday in a tiny 2 man leaky tent or a fully equipped luxurious glamping tent it’s still camping – just! No need to tell them how easy it all was. Just waffle on about the fantastic area, beautiful skies or sea views and you’re well away. You could always brag about how fantastic your glamping holiday was and wonder what they get from their camping experiences that you don’t with yours. They have all the hassle, that’s all. Not so with a glamping holiday. COOL.

Written by Ian Peet from Go Camping UK, the camping and glamping holiday specialists.

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